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"​Although you die, La Resistance lives on."

​- Nick Fuentes

​Welcome to the Habbo TWD Wiki. Here, you'll find all updates about the Habbo RPG and their best protagonists. If you find one of those guys, you'll be meeting a legend in the RPG Field.

So remember Fuentes' saying... If you die... La Resistance lives on.

Will you be a mysterious hacker like Aiden Pearce? Or a light-hearted survivor like Henry Rushmore? Maybe a mercenary, like Anna or John? A hero like Phinn Maxuel? Or maybe a cold, murderous survivor like Robert Fulldoom?

Live or die. The Walkers won't be kind and it's every man for himelf.

Will you enter the Security Team? Maybe the Saviors? Or the Locked-Ups? Or are the Raptors your choice? If not, will you go alone for the Walker-filled hotel, or will you join La Resistance and their decided members?

What about your weaponry? Would you carry a baton and be stealthy, like Aiden? Or would you prefer a Shotgun like Carl? A crossbow like Bart? Two guns? Or maybe a sniper rifle?

Choose wisely... Your life is in your own hands now.

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